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A vacation is a time meant to be relaxed and happy. But getting ready for a vacation can be overwhelming given the packing and preparations involved.

As you go about readying yourself for the vacation ahead, don’t forget to prepare your home so that it remains safe during your absence.

It can be hard to remember several things at once as you ready your luggage and documents for travel. Below are a few crucial things you need to do to keep your home organized and safe while you are away. Use the tips here as a checklist to prepare your home.

10 Things to Do at Home Before You Go on Vacation

1. Avoid Proclaiming Your Vacation on Social Media

As soon as a vacation is planned, the immediate thing many people do is to announce their vacation on their social media pages. This action not only informs your family and friends, but strangers as well. Save your announcements until you return safely home.

2. Tidy Up Interiors

Cleaning your home ensures that you don’t return to an untidy place after your vacation.

It’s not practically possible to clean everything before you leave. Take care of essentials such as leaving toilets and sinks clean.

Do away with any fruit or vegetables sitting on the table. Clean the refrigerator. Consume or get rid of perishable items. Freeze items that you want to use after you return.

Remove all garbage from the house. Leaving your garbage unemptied is an open invitation to rancid smells and pests. You wouldn’t want to be their guest on your return, would you?

Check your laundry and load your clothes if needed. Check your washer to ensure that you did not leave any clothes. Coming home to a load of clothes in the washer may not be a welcoming sight or smell.

3. Switch Off Appliances and Devices

Switch off devices such as ovens, televisions, phone chargers, computers, and routers. You will not only save on your electric bill but also prevent fire hazards.

If your vacation is a short trip, then you may want to leave a lamp or two turned on to make the home look occupied. If you are on an extended vacation, then automatic timers can help. These devices can switch lights on or off according to specified timer settings.

4. Adjust Your Thermostat

You can save further on your energy bills by making use of features on your thermostat. Modern thermostats come with a feature called “away”. This feature indicates that you are not at home. The thermostat adjusts the interior temperature accordingly.

Modern thermostats also allow for temperature adjustments just before you return. You can adjust your thermostat to set a comfortable temperature at home a few hours before you come home.

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5. Check Doors, Windows, and Blinds

Whether it is a side-door that is rarely used or a stuck window, check every possible access point. These access points can turn into gateways for burglars.

Shut all doors, windows, and side-doors. Double-check all doors before leaving to be sure they are locked.

You may shut the blinds or leave them as you would normally to give a sense of the house being occupied.

6. Put Newspaper and Mail Delivery on Hold

Newspapers and mail piling up on your front gate is an immediate giveaway of vacancy. Burglars are quick to catch such tell-tale signs and plan their entry.

As a preventative step, call your newspaper office and request them to stop your deliveries or put them on hold until your return.

Contact your Post Office and request them to hold your mail until you return.

7. Remember Your Spare Keys

If you are of the habit of hiding spare home keys in the bush or other secret places, then ensure that you retain these spare keys. Trained burglars are persistent and will not leave anything to chance. They implement every technique to make the most of the opportunity that a vacant home gives them.

8. Trim Your Lawn and Overgrown Bushes

An untrimmed lawn and overgrown bushes are a giveaway to burglars that your home is vacant. Ensure that your home looks occupied from the outside.

Cut down overgrown bushes as these locations can give burglars an ideal location to hide and monitor your home. Trim your lawn before you leave.

If it is winter, then ensure that your driveway is clear.

If possible, ask a friend to visit your premises regularly until you return. You can enjoy your vacation in peace knowing that you have a trusted friend that will take care of your home in your absence.

9. Activate Your Security System

If you have a security system installed, then ensure it’s working properly. Contact your security company for a thorough check-up and tuning of your system. This way you can be sure that your security system has your back.

If you don’t have a security system installed, then you could perhaps think about having a “Beware of Dog” sign in your entrance. This may deter burglars and trespassers.

10. Prepare Your Home for Your Return

In addition to automatic thermostat adjustments and cleaning, you can do other things to ensure a cleaner and safer home on your return. A home that looks and smells better is a great mood-booster.

  • Stock your kitchen with long-shelf-life items, such as cereal and soup, so that you do not go hungry upon return
  • Change the sheets on your bed so that you are not greeted by smelly and untidy sheets
  • Vacuum floors and furniture
  • Do not leave any unwashed dishes in the sink
  • Use long-lasting fragrances so that you return to a fresh-smelling home

In Conclusion

A well-prepared home saves you the stress of safety and cleanliness. By preparing your home, you prepare yourself to be free and relaxed on your vacation. Leaving your home in good condition ensures that you are less overwhelmed on return.

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